Truck Accidents in New York

New York State has some of the busiest roads in the country. When people do not drive safely on these roads, accidents can happen and people can get hurt. Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that can happen. They are the largest vehicle on the road and can weigh more than 30 […]

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Car Accidents in New York

Streets are extremely busy with people driving cars every single day, especially in the state of New York. Because of this, things can sometimes go wrong on the road and car accidents can occur. Some accidents result in only minor injuries, while others may cause serious injuries or even death to more than one person. […]

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Sidewalk Accidents in New York

No one should ever fear going for a walk. It is an everyday part of life that should never end with an injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and there are situations where people can fall and be hurt while walking. Many situations can be due to clumsiness or lack of attention, but others can happen […]

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What is a product liability case?

Buying new products is easier than ever with online shopping. You can go on a website and easily order something that you need or want. Amazon is a huge provider for people and can deliver the item in as little as two days. However, one of the biggest issues with ordering online is that people […]

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