A shopping cart filled with various grocery items is in the center aisle of a well-lit supermarket. The shelves on both sides are stocked with a variety of products, and there is a person in the distance at the far end of the aisle.

Contrary to popular belief, department store injuries are common. That is why if you were injured in one, you will need to reach out to Hausman & Pendzick today to speak with one of our dedicated Westchester County slip and fall accident attorneys. Our legal team can help you recover the compensation you need to move forward after your department store accident.

What are the common causes of department store accidents in New York?

Department store accidents can occur in several different ways. However, in most cases, they are the result of:

  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Dressing room accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Shopping cart accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Inadequate security incidents

If you were injured in a department store, or you would like to learn more about premises liability claims, do not wait to reach out to our experienced firm today to learn more about how our firm can serve you.

Who is responsible for a department store accident in New York?

In New York, all retail store owners and their staff are held to a certain standard and are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe for their customers. With that being said, store owners and employees must make routine checks of the property to confirm that there are no hazards or dangerous conditions in the store. If these routine checks are not made, and a customer gets injured as a consequence, the store owner and employees can be held liable for negligence. Reach out to our experienced Westchester County slip and fall accident attorneys today to learn more.

What steps should I take after a department store accident in New York?

If you were injured in a department store because of a store owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. In order to pursue legal action, it is critical that you take the following steps right after your accident if possible:

  1. Call 911. The police will dispatch an ambulance to the scene, file an accident report, and more.
  2. Ask any witnesses to your accident for their contact information. Witness testimony can be essential evidence in a personal injury claim.
  3. Take pictures and videos of the dangerous conditions that caused your accident to occur.
  4. Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible to ensure that your injuries are correctly treated. You will also want to ask your doctor for documentation indicating the severity and source of your injuries.
  5. Retain the services of an experienced attorney to ensure you are properly going through the claims process.


Hausman & Pendzick effectively represent victims of negligence in Westchester County and across the state of New York. We understand how challenging life can be without financial compensation for serious injuries you have wrongly sustained. If you need a knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorney to help you recover compensation after an accident, contact Hausman & Pendzick today.