supermarket accidents

Taking a trip to the supermarket to grocery shop is a typical routine for individuals, however, serious injury can occur. It never crosses individuals’ minds that they may be seriously injured while grocery shopping. However, it happens more often than you’d probably think. In the unfortunate event, you have been injured in a supermarket accident, contact one of our knowledgeable and skilled Westchester County Supermarket Accident Attorneys who can help you recover compensation for your damages. Our firm is committed to helping you get the justice you deserve. 

Why do supermarket accidents happen?

Supermarket accidents can happen because of several factors. Supermarket owners and staff members should uphold a safe environment for their customers. Meaning, they should not leave any hazardous conditions left unattended. If they neglect to preserve a safe climate for their customers, they will be held liable for damages. Most supermarket accidents happen because of:

  • defective or broken shopping carts
  • defective automatic doors
  • unstable and poorly placed displays of merchandise
  • poorly placed mats
  • loose produce
  • spills left unattended
  • broken glass from fallen glass jars
  • potholes or other dangerous parking lot conditions
  • no hazard signs
  • cracked or uneven flooring
  • inadequate security

Supermarket staff members have a responsibility to remedy any unsafe conditions to ensure their customers are not injured while shopping.

How can I fulfill the burden of proof in New York?

In New York, victims have three years from the date their injury was inflicted to file a claim against any negligent parties. However, if they fail to file a claim within this period, they will be barred from ever doing so and miss any opportunity to be compensated for their damages. New York requires victims to fulfill the burden of proof, meaning they must show proof of negligence. They can prove negligence was the cause of their injuries by:

Seeking medical attention

Injured individuals should seek medical attention. Medical professionals can assess and treat your injuries. You should keep any medical records pertinent to your case.

Taking photographic or video evidence

Hurt individuals should take photographs and video footage of any hazardous conditions that caused their injuries. For instance, if you slipped on any spilled liquid merchandise, you should take a picture of the scene. You should show that no hazard signs were warning you to avoid this dangerous area.

File an incident report 

Immediately notify any staff members of the incident. Then notify the on-duty manager and ask for an incident report. Filing an incident report will help you document the accident that caused your injuries. Another step individuals should take is asking staff members for their names.

Ask witnesses for their contact information

Additionally, injured individuals should ask any witnesses who observed the accident for their contact information. This way if they took any photo or video proof they can send it to you. As well as back your claim up later on as they saw the accident take place.

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to negligence in a supermarket accident, reach out to one of our dedicated and trusted team members. We can help victims recover reasonable compensation for their injuries.