A blue and white airplane is parked at a gate with a jet bridge attached at an airport terminal. The view is seen through large glass windows flanked by rows of empty seats, with other airport facilities and planes visible in the background.

Summer is a popular time to vacation. As a result, airports are especially crowded right now. Because of all the comings and goings and various facets, airports can be especially dangerous. Read on to learn more about airport accidents in New York and what to do in the event of an injury.

How do Airport Accidents Occur?

Airports have a number of different amenities, including bars, restaurants, gift shops, and more. If these areas are not properly maintained at all times, serious injuries can occur. Some of the most common accidents include:

  • Slipping and falling on a wet bathroom floor or spilled beverage
  • Airport construction and renovation
  • Faulty elevators, escalators, conveyor belts
  • Poorly maintained parking lots: potholes, insufficient lighting, insufficient security, etc.
  • Curbside accidents
  • Stairway accidents

Fulfilling the Burden of Proof

If you are involved in an airport accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation. But, in order to recover the compensation you deserve, you will have to fulfill the burden of proof. In order to do this, it is important to document the scene. For example, take pictures and videos of the hazardous conditions that caused your accident to occur. Additionally, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney may be able to obtain further proof of negligence, including police reports, security camera footage, and more.

What is a Notice of Claim?

If you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation. But, in order to recover the compensation you deserve, you will have to file your claim on time. In New York, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is generally three years from the date of the accident. But, most airports are government-owned property. This means that you will have to file a Notice of Claim. A Notice of Claim informs the government or municipality that you intend to take legal action. This must be filed early on in the process, so it is important to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

If you have been injured in an airport accident, our firm is here to help. Reach out today to speak with an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney.


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