A person with short hair wearing blue swim trunks jumps into a backyard swimming pool next to a ladder. The pool is surrounded by a concrete deck, and there are tall, green bushes and plants lining the fence in the background.

The end of summer is quickly approaching, and many people are squeezing in their last pool days. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of swimming pools. Swimming pool accidents can result in a lifetime of physical, emotional, and financial burdens. If you were injured as a result of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our experienced New York personal injury attorneys at Hausman & Pendzick today to learn more about your options.

What are the common causes of swimming pool accidents in New York?

In New York, property owners have a duty to ensure that their property is safe for all of those who enter it. The same goes for pool owners. If a pool owner fails to keep their property safe, not only can serious accidents occur, but if they do, the property owner can be held liable. This can be referred to as pool owner negligence. The most common forms of negligence that Hausman & Pendzick have seen include:

  • Failing to ensure their pool is clean and free of bacteria
  • Failing to install all the necessary fences and barriers in the pool area
  • Leaving children unattended
  • Failing to stow away all portable ladders when the pool is not in use
  • Allowing people to swim under the influence
  • Failing to warn parties that their pool does not have a safe diving area
  • Neglecting to use wet floor signs

If you were injured in a swimming pool accident due to the above reasons or another negligent property owner’s behavior, you may be entitled to compensation.

Can I pursue legal action after a swimming pool accident?

You must be able to prove that there was an act of negligence that was a result of your injuries in order to file a personal injury claim. To best demonstrate this, it is important that you take the following steps after your accident:

  • Call 911 – A police will file an accident report and dispatch an ambulance.
  • Take photos and videos of the scene of the accident, including the hazardous conditions.
  • Gather contact information from any potential witnesses to the accident. Witness testimony can be beneficial to your future legal claim.
  • Seek medical attention to ensure that your injuries are properly treated. Ask your doctor to provide you with medical documentation pointing to the origin and severity of your injuries.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you gather more evidence that can be key to your case.


Hausman & Pendzick effectively represent victims of negligence in Westchester County and across the state of New York. We understand how challenging life can be without financial compensation for serious injuries you have wrongly sustained. If you need a knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorney to help you recover compensation after an accident, contact Hausman & Pendzick today.