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After an auto accident, it is likely an insurance adjuster will approach you and use various methods to investigate the collision that caused your injuries. Insurance companies send adjusters on their behalf to determine the circumstances that led to your injuries and the accident. An adjuster is looking for any probable means to discredit your claim. They will try to minimize the severity of your injuries to cheat you out of a larger settlement. An insurance adjuster will try to pay you as little as possible. Victims of auto accidents deserve fair compensation, contact an experienced Westchester County Auto Accident Attorney who can help you navigate interactions with insurance adjusters.

Should I Give Details About the Accident to an Insurance Adjuster?

Victims of auto accidents should always refrain from telling an insurance adjuster any details about the accident. An adjuster will go to great lengths to try to discredit your claim against their policyholder. Do not speculate what happened, only reveal facts. You should never admit you were at fault. Avoid telling an adjuster your opinion of the incident. Any information you disclose can be used against you.

Should I Give Details About My Injuries?

You should avoid giving an insurance adjuster details regarding your injuries. They will use confusing language to try to trick you into downplaying your injuries. It is better to say nothing at all to avoid accidentally incriminating yourself. They will try to persuade you into admitting some degree of fault to minimize your injuries. Adjusters will use various tactics to try to cheat you out of a larger settlement.

Should I Give A Record Statement?

Legally, auto accident victims are not obligated to give an insurance adjuster a record statement. You should steer clear of giving a record statement because once it is given, you cannot take it back. Adjusters will try to approach you within the first couple of days after your accident to catch you off guard. They will try to twist your words and use them against you later on. It is always better to give a written statement instead.

Should I Give My Medical Record to an Insurance Adjuster?

Do not release any medical records to any insurance adjuster. By granting access to an adjuster, you give them the power to use your past medical history against you. Adjusters will often look at past medical records to search for any pre-existing health conditions that can be used to reduce your settlement. Legally, they only have access to your medical bills. You should not sign any release involving your medical records.

It is imperative for anyone who has been injured due to another driver’s negligence to contact a trusted Westchester County Personal Injury Attorney who can help you get fair compensation for your injuries.


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