drugs driving

Unfortunately, even though driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal, many motorists still engage in this dangerous driving behavior. Across the United States, there is a high rate of fatal car accidents that are caused by drug-impaired driving. According to statistics, more than 55% of fatal car accidents involve at least one drug-impaired motorist. Drugs can impair a person’s cognitive functioning and motor skills which are needed to safely operate a vehicle. Different types of drugs have different effects on people. However, they can hinder a person’s judgment, coordination, and concentration. Victims of drug-related car accidents often do not walk away unscathed. If you have been injured in a car accident involving a drug-impaired motorist, please read on and contact one of our qualified Westchester County Car Accident Attorneys who can help you seek compensation for your damages. 

How often does drug-impaired driving result in serious car accidents?

In New York, a large percentage of serious and fatal car accidents are caused by drug-impaired driving. Substances such as drugs and alcohol can alter one’s critical driving abilities needed to safely operate a vehicle. Drugs such as marijuana, opioids, methamphetamines, and cocaine have intoxicating effects on a motorist’s cognition. Drug-impaired driving causes slower reaction times, impaired perception, an inability to concentrate, and blurred vision. All of which can result in a motorist crashing into another vehicle. It is pertinent to note that even legal drugs can have intoxicating effects that hinder a motorist’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. A huge percentage of drug-related car accidents are caused by the misuse of prescription medications. Unfortunately, when prescription drugs are misused they cause a person to have impaired abilities. It is imperative for motorists to read the warning labels on their medication to understand the side effects of the drugs and whether they can “operate heavy machinery” such as a car while on the drug. Several types of prescription medications affect an individual’s cognition which could result in serious accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, a large number of serious and fatal car accidents are caused by drug-impaired driving.

How can drug-impaired driving be prevented?

As mentioned above, drug-impaired driving plays a huge role in causing car accidents. Victims, unfortunately, do not walk away from these types of accidents unscathed. They are often burdened with significant damages that negatively affect their lives. To prevent serious injuries and accidents, motorists should refrain from getting behind the wheel if they are impaired by drugs. Motorists should plan their ride ahead of time or find a designated driver to ensure they get to their destination while keeping everyone including themselves safe on the road. In addition, individuals who are impaired by drugs should call a sober friend, relative, or ridesharing service to safely get home.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident as a result of drug-impaired driving, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced attorneys who can help you seek monetary compensation for your damages.