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  • Hausman & Pendzick pursued my case with care and worked very hard until the end. I received personal attention whenever I needed something. I would recommend Hausman & Pendzick, as they were very attentive, honest and professional. I trusted my lawyers. I’m very happy with my settlement and how my case was handled.

    — M.G.
  • My lawyers always made us feel comfortable and were available to answer any questions. We received very personalized attention and at times felt like we were their only clients. We would absolutely recommend this firm because of the way our case was handled. We were completely satisfied with all the methods used and the results of our settlement. Jay Hausman is ethical, honest and dedicated. He leaves no stone unturned in trying to get the best result for his client. For the best attorneys, go with Hausman & Pendzick.

    — B.S.
  • We received personal attention and felt like family. The case was handled in a professional manner, and we would recommend Hausman & Pendzick to a friend. This is the lawyer that you are looking for and that will help you with all your needs.

    — A.F.
  • Jay Hausman is the best!!!!

    — M.N.
  • Hausman & Pendzick was very attentive and you always felt you were in the best hands. I received personal attention from both the staff and lawyers. I hear it is not normal that a client speaks directly with the attorney, but every time I called, I spoke with my attorney personally. I would recommend Hausman & Pendzick without a second thought, not only because of how professional they are, but also because of how successful they have been with my cases. The representation is top notch and can’t be compared to any other personal injury firms. I have used Hausman & Pendzick in two separate cases. They will do everything possible to make sure their clients are one hundred percent satisfied and use any and all resources to get the client compensation.

    — C.C.
  • I’d gladly recommend this firm over and over without hesitation. I have given the firm’s number and name many times.

    Before hiring Hausman & Pendzick, my case sat in the care of another attorney and nothing was done. Due to their lack of investigative work, the previous firm did not see the great worth in my case that Hausman & Pendzick did.

    At Hausman & Pendzick, the process was handled personably, with great humanity and the highest professionalism. I’d tell anyone in need of this type of legal representation to run, not walk, to this firm and place their complete trust in these fine attorneys. You will receive the utmost in personal, attentive, investigative and representative genius.

    Due to Hausman & Pendzick’s desire to get my case concluded in a timely manner, and their incredible dedication to excellence, I was blessed with an unexpected, but much deserved, sizable compensation for my extensive injuries, pain and suffering, while retaining my sense of worth intact.

    — L.A.
  • I appreciated the personal attention I received. The staff was very professional and friendly. Someone was always willing to assist me with anything I needed. I was treated as if I was family and I felt well taken care of.

    — N.C.
  • Being represented by Hausman & Pendzick was the best thing that ever happened to me. They took my case and they really were concerned about it. The attention I received was super. They were very professional and handled my case very well. I was very pleased with the results and I would recommend Hausman & Pendzick with my eyes closed because they know what they are doing and they do it well. I felt like their treatment was not a case number, but like I was a family member. So, do not hesitate, if you are looking for a lawyer. Hausman & Pendzick you should see. The best of the best. To all of you at Hausman & Pendzick, there are no words to express my gratitude for all you’ve done. Thank you!

    — S.L.
  • I was very impressed with the research and preparation that went into my case. It was a very complex one and required an extensive amount of work upfront to determine who was at fault and should be party to the suit. I am used to working with top flight corporate litigation attorneys in my work and feel that they could not have done a better job than your firm did in presenting my case. I was especially impressed with the strategy developed and the legal arguments that formed the foundation for my claim. Mr. Hausman’s performance in the courtroom, as well as the professional exhibits his firm created, were responsible for the significant settlement I received.

    During the years it took for my case to come to trial, Mr. Hausman and his associates took the time to contact me and keep me updated on the status of the case, as well as the legal issues and arguments being made by the defendants. They spent hours with me preparing for my testimony in the courtroom and this gave me the confidence to feel comfortable on the witness stand.

    I would definitely use this firm again and would recommend them without reservation to anyone needing an excellent personal litigation attorney to represent them.

    — S.S.
  • I have been a client of Jay Hausman now for 5 years, and he has helped me in 2 different occasions, within these 5 years. Words aren’t enough to explain the professionalism and Level of Integrity this office has. I was referred by a co-worker, with my first conversation with Jay I knew I wanted him to represent me. From my experience, I can tell everyone you are not just a client you are received like a part of a family. The warmness of the staff included with the personal attention of my lawyer, Jay Hausman. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Winning is the focus and this Law office can do that.

    — S.M.
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