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Westchester County Supermarket Accident Attorneys

When we enter a supermarket, we are often unaware of the hazards that can cause us harm. This is simply because grocery shopping is often considered an uneventful, routine, and mundane task. We, as consumers, generally assume that the staff at our local supermarket will take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of shoppers. Supermarkets should be maintained up to a reasonable standard. When that standard is not met and you are injured, you should consider your legal options. If you can prove that a staff member knew or should have known about the hazard and you were seriously injured in a supermarket, you may be able to recover damages to cover your medical bills, lost wages, legal fees, and pain and suffering. If you need legal advice or a team of seasoned supermarket accident attorneys to effectively represent your case, contact Hausman & Pendzick.

Types of supermarket accidents

As we navigate the aisles, we hope that the staff regularly monitors and addresses anything in the store that can cause injury. Unfortunately, not all owners, supervisors, or staff members take their customers’ safety into consideration. Some of the many hazards that may be present in a supermarket include the following:

  • Spills
  • Outdoor elements
  • Loose produce
  • Parking lot conditions
  • Falling products
  • Unattended items and debris on the floor

What should you do after a supermarket accident?

If you have been seriously injured in a supermarket, seek medical attention immediately and notify the supermarket staff. Calling for a medical professional meets your needs in multiple ways. A healthcare professional will document your injuries, the place the injury took place, and the approximate time of the injury. All of this information can be used to construct a valid personal injury claim. If you can, try and collect evidence for yourself.

If you can take pictures of the hazard, do so. If you left the scene, the supermarket staff would quickly address the issue so no more customers were injured. However, this erases the evidence necessary to claim neglect on their part.

If someone saw you fall, you should get their contact information for future use. They may be able to corroborate your claim in court if it becomes necessary.

All of this is necessary because you have to satisfy the burden of proof. You, the injured party, will have to prove that the hazard was known or should have been known by the supermarket staff. If you have no evidence of a hazard, you may not be able to prove neglect. If you have evidence of the hazard, it helps your case immensely.

Contact our New York supermarket accident attorneys

If you have been seriously injured in a supermarket, you may need an attorney to represent your case. You should not sit idly by and allow a negligent party to negatively impact your future by burdening you with overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and legal fees. Hausman & Pendzick is ready to passionately and effectively represent your interests. Our firm has many years of experience proving negligence and successfully recovering the optimal damages allowed by law. If you need a law firm to assess your case, guide you through your options and fight for your future, contact Hausman & Pendzick to schedule a consultation.

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