Parking Lot Accidents in New York

People do not usually think of parking lots as a dangerous place. However, it is fairly common for accidents to happen in a normal, everyday place, such as these. Property owners have an obligation to care for their premises so that it is safe for those who come onto it. When property owners fail to […]

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Elevator & Escalator Accidents in New York

New York is famous for its big, beautiful buildings. Because these buildings are so tall, they often hold several elevators and escalators so people can get from one floor to another quickly.  People use elevators and escalators almost every day. Most people do not think of them as dangerous. However, accidents can occur if an […]

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Workers’ Compensation Laws in New York

People go to work every day expecting their usual routine. They do not usually think about an accident happening at work. No matter what an individual’s profession is, there is always the possibility of an accident happening while on the job. If this happens, employees should feel a sense of relief knowing workers’ compensation can […]

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Hotel Accidents in New York

New York is one of the nation’s most popular states. Because of this, it attractions millions of people from around the world a year. In order to accommodate tourists, there are many hotels throughout the state for guests to come and stay while they enjoy their visit. When people stay at a hotel, they trust […]

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Product Liability Cases in New York

Consumers purchase products with the expectation that they will function the way they are intended to. This also comes with the hope that the product was made adequately, following the necessary steps to ensure the safety of those who use it. When companies do not meet certain standards and produce products correctly, the product may […]

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Truck Accidents in New York

New York State has some of the busiest roads in the country. When people do not drive safely on these roads, accidents can happen and people can get hurt. Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that can happen. They are the largest vehicle on the road and can weigh more than 30 […]

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Car Accidents in New York

Streets are extremely busy with people driving cars every single day, especially in the state of New York. Because of this, things can sometimes go wrong on the road and car accidents can occur. Some accidents result in only minor injuries, while others may cause serious injuries or even death to more than one person. […]

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Sidewalk Accidents in New York

No one should ever fear going for a walk. It is an everyday part of life that should never end with an injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and there are situations where people can fall and be hurt while walking. Many situations can be due to clumsiness or lack of attention, but others can happen […]

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