What is a Loss of Future Earnings in New York?

Has an injury or accident caused you to lose time at work? You could be entitled to compensation for lost wages if another person caused your injury. You might also receive compensation for loss of future earnings and diminished earning capacity if the accident resulted in a permanent impairment. For more information about the loss […]

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Should I Avoid Social Media During My Personal Injury Case in New York?

Today, around seventy percent of the United States population uses some kind of social media website to connect with their friends and share updates about their lives. Consequently, users have the ability to relay vast amounts of information about themselves to others. Experts advise social media users to exercise extreme caution, especially when they are […]

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Who is Liable for Electrical Burn Accidents in New York?

Electrical burn accidents that cause serious injuries can occur at any location. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrical accidents cause approximately 40,000 residential fires per year. Aside from property damage and severe burn injuries that require advanced treatment, victims of electrical burn accidents may lose their lives. But who can victims or their […]

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Does Aggressive Driving Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in New York?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving occurs when an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property. Unfortunately, aggressive driving is extremely common and has actually increased in recent years. Aggressive driving and its associated forms, such as road rage, may lead […]

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Can I Sue for A Defective Product in New York?

Manufacturers, distributors and vendors have a special responsibility to their customers. An injured party can file a product liability lawsuit against a product’s manufacturer or vendor when a defective product causes injury. Based on the precise cause of the injury, the claim may involve a defect in design or manufacture, or a failure to warn […]

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Can I Sue for a Hotel Accident in New York?

Every year, many people come to the state of New York to discover all that our state has to offer. Those who do typically stay in hotels during their stay. It is only natural that the guests expect the establishments to be safe and to not put them at undue risk. Unfortunately, it is possible […]

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Can You Sue for Medication Errors in New York?

Every year, the Food and Drug Administration receives more than 100,000 reports that are related to medication errors. Many incidences go unreported, even in cases where patients sustained serious harm. The most unfortunate part of medication errors is that the vast majority of them are entirely preventable if physicians and other healthcare professionals had observed […]

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