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Getting injured in any kind of accident can be an inconvenience, but getting hurt by someone who flees the scene of the accident and leaves you without the chance to make a claim to their insurance company is even worse. Can you even do anything about this, or are you stuck in a situation where there’s no way to be reimbursed for your medical bills? Our Westchester County car accident attorneys can help you figure out what to do after a hit-and-run accident.

How Should I Handle a Hit-and-Run Accident?

When you get into a hit-and-run accident, you should get as many details about the other car as you can and then write it down. Also, be sure that you are pulled over somewhere safe and call the police. They can make a police report and look for that other driver. We also suggest that you:

  • Take pictures of the vehicle, the accident scene, and your injuries
  • Talk to anyone who was nearby in case they witnessed the accident
  • Make note of any nearby residences or businesses with cameras that could have caught the accident or the fleeing driver

Then you should wait for the cops to show up and get medical care as soon as you can.

Should I Try to Track Down the Other Driver?

No, this is not your job. Trying to chase down the other driver could be dangerous for you. It can also make the road more dangerous for others. If you see the car that hit you, you should just get as much information as you can get for the police. You should try to write down:

  • A description of the driver
  • The make and model of the car or a description of it
  • The color of the vehicle
  • The license plate number, or as much as you can remember of the license plate number
  • The state on the license plate

Any information that can help identify the vehicle and driver should be shared with the cops when they arrive at the scene.

Can My Own Insurance Coverage Help After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

You may need to rely mostly on your own insurance coverage if you have expenses after a hit-and-run accident. Your personal injury protection, or PIP, can help you with medical bills. Your uninsured driver coverage may be able to help you repair your vehicle, but your insurance company might have specific requirements.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

A lawyer may be able to help you with your case if the driver can be found. Law firms can employ their own investigators who may be able to help find the driver. If the other driver cannot be found, a lawyer can help you negotiate with your own insurance company if they do not want to pay out.

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