calculating car accident claim

When you make a car accident claim, an insurance company starts to do some math. They will look at a variety of elements before they decide how much to offer you. Our Westchester County car accident attorneys can help you make your claim and fight for fair compensation. Here is what accident victims should know when they are dealing with insurance companies.

What Evidence Can Strengthen My Car Accident Claim?

Making a convincing claim requires some evidence. Just telling the insurance company that you got hurt is one thing, but being able to back up your car accident claim with items like the following can make a big difference:

Medical bills: Higher medical bills usually mean more serious injuries. They can also serve as evidence that you continued to need treatment for a significant amount of time after a crash occurred.

Testimony from doctors: Medical professionals can talk about your injuries and what kinds of effects they might continue to have on you. If you had to talk to a psychologist due to trauma, they can talk about your pain and suffering. The people treating you can also talk about what kinds of treatments you will continue to need in the future.

Witness testimony: Other people who saw the accident happen can corroborate your story. This can make it harder for an insurance company to claim that their driver was not at fault.

Surveillance footage: Actual footage of the crash can make it even more difficult for an insurer to dodge responsibility.

Can I Make a Car Accident Claim Even If I Am Partly At Fault?

We talked a bit about fault because it can have a big effect on how much value a car accident claim can have. You can actually sue for damages even if you were partly to blame for an accident. Your settlement will just be reduced to match your level of fault.

Here’s an example. You sue and win $50,000 in damages. However, you were determined to be 20% at fault for the accident because you were speeding. You will get just 80% of those damages, so $40,000.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Damages?

New York gives you three years to make a car accident claim, but we recommend acting as quickly as you can. You do not want to miss your chance to pursue compensation, and acting quickly can make it easier for you and your lawyer to gather evidence and build a compelling case.

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