Can I Sue For Lost Future Wages in New York?

If you get injured in an accident, you can often sue for lost wages if you miss out on work and paychecks while you are recovering. It’s also possible to sue for lost future wages though, and this is definitely an avenue to pursue if your injuries might continue to have an effect on your capabilities in the years to come. Our Westchester County personal injury attorneys can help you fight for fair compensation.

How Can the Amount of Lost Future Wages Be Calculated?

When you sue for lost wages, it’s often easy to show how much money you are missing out on. If you have a stable paycheck, you can simply add up how many days or weeks of work you missed and figure out how much you are owed based on your current pay rate.

Calculating lost future wages can be a bit more complicated than that. This equation can depend on the severity of your injuries, your overall career prospects before the accident, and how close you were to retirement age. However, insurers should not get out of paying damages because the math seems difficult. Your lawyer can consult medical witnesses and economic experts to arrive at a fair number. Then they can help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Sue for Lost Future Wages?

Having a lawyer on your side is not a requirement in personal injury cases, but we recommend hiring one anyway. Our attorneys have extensive experience when it comes to cases like yours. We can help you calculate fair compensation and hold any liable parties accountable. Proving negligence on your own can be difficult, but a personal injury attorney from our firm will do their best to help you build the most compelling case possible.

What Other Damages Can I Win in a Personal Injury Case?

You can be reimbursed for more than lost future wages in a case like this. Fair compensation should also help make up for:

  • Medical expenses, past and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Mental anguish

Will My Case Go to Trial?

Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies and any liable parties on your behalf when you make a personal injury claim. In many cases, a fair settlement can be reached before things reach the trial stage. If you do have to go to trial, you can rest assured that your lawyer will be ready to fight for you and build a case that can succeed in court. Your attorney can also prepare you for testimony and defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing or fault that could affect your settlement.

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