kids in halloween costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for kids, but it can also be a dangerous holiday if proper precautions are not taken. Whether you have kids or you don’t, there are things that all of us can do to ensure that this holiday creates fun memories for everyone. Follow some advice from our Westchester County auto accident attorneys and keep trick-or-treating safe and stress-free.

How Can I Keep My Family and Others Safer on Halloween?

Whether you are just driving around in your neighborhood or it’s your first time taking your kids out trick-or-treating, there are steps you can take to make everyone safer on this fun holiday.

As a driver: If you have to drive around on Halloween night, travel slowly and carefully. This is especially necessary if you have to go around a lot of turns or if you are in an area with less lighting than some of the other streets in your neighborhood. Put away your phone and avoid other distractions, keeping your focus entirely on the road and the small children who could suddenly run out.

As a parent: If you are trick-or-treating with your kids, make sure that they know how important it is to wait at street crossings and only go after they have looked both ways. If there is a car stopped at a crossing, tell them to make eye contact with the driver before crossing. You should also look out for cars suddenly backing out of driveways or turning onto your road from nearby streets.

Should I Create a Safe Halloween Route Beforehand?

You can also try to create a safer trick-or-treating route before you get out into your neighborhood. Focus on areas with good lighting and well-maintained sidewalks that won’t be tripping hazards. If your older kids want to go off on their own and you are comfortable with that, let them. Just make sure you give them the same advice we gave you about paying attention, looking out for cars, and not getting distracted by their phone.

Are Some Halloween Costumes Safer Than Others?

Some Halloween costumes can be a safer choice than others. Big masks can be hard to see out of, especially for smaller children who may be wearing something that’s actually made for bigger kids or adults. You can try costumes that involve face paint or makeup instead. We also recommend having something bright attached to each child’s costume somehow. Glowsticks or reflective tape can help a driver see a child from farther away.

What Should I Do If Someone Does Get Hurt?

Accidents can still happen even if you take every possible precaution. If you or a family member get hurt, you should:

  • Take pictures of any injuries and the accident scene
  • Get medical care as soon as possible
  • Exchange information with a driver, if a driver was involved
  • Talk to nearby witnesses and exchange information
  • Consider talking to a personal injury attorney

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are thinking about moving forward with a personal injury suit, contact Hausman & Pendzick. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about how our experienced attorneys can be of assistance in this difficult time.