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You can get seriously injured when you slip and fall in a hotel. If you got hurt and you believe that staff or management acted negligently, you may be able to sue for damages. Our Westchester County hotel accident attorneys can take a closer look at your situation and see if you have a case.

What Are Some Common Causes of Hotel Accidents?

A hotel can be a dangerous place when it’s not properly maintained and the grounds are not well cared for. Many different types of hazards can lead to a fall and injuries, including:

  • Poorly lit walkways
  • Broken or uneven flooring
  • Icy or wet floors
  • Damaged carpeting or tiles
  • Cords and wires
  • Broken banisters

What Should I Do After I Fall in a Hotel?

If you get hurt because of any of the above hazards, you need to start gathering evidence and building up a potential personal injury case. You should:

  • Take a picture of the accident scene
  • Talk to any witnesses who saw you fall
  • Report your injuries to the hotel
  • Fill out an incident report if asked
  • Get medical care right away
  • Avoid saying things like “I’m fine.”

Then it may be time to visit a hotel accident attorney.

Can I Sue a Hotel After I Fall?

You may be able to sue the hotel, but you have to show that they were negligent. This can be tough to prove. You must show that there was a hazard, that the hotel staff or management knew about it, and that this hazard is what caused your injuries.

If a floor was damaged and the people working at or managing the property knew, they should have fixed it. In a situation where that wasn’t possible, putting up a warning sign and steering guests away from the area is a good option. If they just do nothing and someone gets hurt, they can be sued.

On the other hand, you cannot sue if your fall cannot be blamed on the hotel. For example, if you trip and fall on your own suitcase in your room, there is no way to pin liability on anyone there. You also would not be able to sue if you engaged in irresponsible behavior in common areas of the hotel. If there are signs by the pool that say “Don’t run.” and you run, any fall and injury is your fault, not the hotel’s.

Do I Need An Attorney?

Having an attorney on your side can make it easier to build a case against the hotel. Proving negligence is tough, but our law firm has a lot of experience helping people just like you with cases like these. Let us handle the paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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