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When a product makes its way to the market, someone buying it does so with the assumption that the product is going to work properly. They certainly do not expect to get injured by the product when they use it. That’s what happens with some defective products though, and if you get injured by one you may have legal options. One of those options could be suing the retailer that sold the item. Our Westchester County product liability attorneys can tell you more.

Can I Sue a Retailer Over Defective Products?

You can actually sue a retailer if they sell you a product that causes you harm. When defective products are sold, there could be liability at multiple points in the supply chain. Yes, the manufacturer might be more to blame for a product that injures somebody, but if a retailer sold the product knowing that it could be a danger, they share some of the responsibility for the harm caused.

A lawyer can take a closer look at your case and figure out which parties should be held liable. Sometimes there are multiple defendants in a case like this, which is why trying to sue for damages on your own can be difficult.

What Do I Have to Show in a Defective Products Case?

You have to prove a few things in a defective products case. You need to show that:

  • You used the product in the correct way
  • The product was defective
  • You were injured and suffered losses
  • The defect caused your injuries

This shows that the product itself was the problem, not user error or any other factor.

What Are Some Common Kinds of Defective Products Cases?

Defective products can be dangerous for different reasons. Cases usually involve products that are hazardous due to:

A design defect: Something is wrong with how the product was designed.

A manufacturing defect: The design was fine, but a manufacturing mistake made the product dangerous.

A failure to warn: A product that could be dangerous needs to come with instructions and relevant warnings. A manufacturer who does not include important info with their product could be sued.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Having a personal injury lawyer help you with your case is a good idea. There could be multiple parties to hold accountable here, including the retailer who sold you the product. Our attorneys have experience investigating cases like these and gathering the evidence needed to make a compelling argument for fair compensation. A lawyer can also answer any questions that you have and keep you aware of any important court dates or deadlines.

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