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When you get involved in a shared electric scooter accident, the whole situation can seem a bit confusing. You have to figure out who is responsible, what kinds of insurance coverage can apply, and whether or not other factors contributed to a crash. This is why you may want to talk to our Westchester pedestrian accident attorneys before you try to sue for damages. We can help you ignore the noise and focus on what’s important, like how you can receive compensation for your injuries.

What Happens If the Shared Electric Scooter Rider Causes an Accident?

Let’s say that it’s clear that the shared electric scooter accident was caused by the rider. They were speeding or driving somewhere they shouldn’t be. Can you sue them?

Yes, but this might be difficult due to a lack of insurance. Sometimes shared scooter companies have an insurance policy to go after, but sometimes they don’t kick in for all situations or they can be opted out of by riders. The rider may have an auto insurance policy of their own, but that policy may not cover them when they are on a scooter.

What Happens If the Shared Electric Scooter Was Defective?

A rental company could be responsible if a shared electric scooter accident was caused by damaged or faulty equipment. This company has a duty to keep the rental equipment in good shape, so they may be held liable if they allow customers to rent an unsafe scooter.

A defect could be partly or completely blamed for the accident. A malfunctioning brake that causes a scooter to hit a pedestrian may be the fault of the rental company. However, if a driver uses the scooter on the sidewalk, where it doesn’t belong, and there’s a malfunction, both the rental company and the driver could potentially be to blame.

What If a Car Causes the Accident?

If you are riding a scooter and get hit by a car, then you would sue the driver for damages. You could be eligible for compensation that helps make up for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Mental anguish and trauma
  • Pain from disability or disfigurement

Drivers who cannot share the road safely should be held accountable.

Should I Get Medical Care Right After Shared Electric Scooter Accident?

No matter how you were involved in the accident or who you think was to blame, you should make sure that you get medical care as soon as you can. If you delay medical care, a defendant could use that against you when you sue for damages. They may say that waiting shows that your injuries were not that serious or that you got those injuries in another way.

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