car accident claim

No one wants to be involved in a car accident as it is a traumatic experience. However, it can happen within the blink of an eye due to negligence. When accidents occur, all parties typically understand they must pull over and assess the situation, as leaving the accident scene without providing personal information or aid is a crime. When the at-fault driver flees that accident scene to avoid liability, it is considered a hit-and-run. Those involved in hit-and-run accidents often wonder whether they can still file a personal injury claim to seek monetary compensation for their losses. Please continue reading to learn what you can do after a hit-and-run accident to maximize your chances of receiving compensation for your losses. In addition, contact our skilled Westchester County Car Accident Attorneys, who can help you fight to obtain the rightful compensation to which you are entitled. 

What should I do if the other driver flees the accident scene?

If the at-fault driver has fled the accident scene, taking the necessary measures to protect your rights is vital. In New York, motorists are legally required to notify emergency services if anyone involved is injured, dies, or has significant property damage. Motorists must also remain at the accident scene, as leaving without providing identification or aid is considered a crime.

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, if you see the other party involved drive away, your first instinct may be to follow them. However, this can be dangerous, resulting in further injuries and damages. If you chase after them, you can put other drivers at risk. Therefore, remaining at the accident scene is crucial until the police arrive. The police will do everything they can to apprehend the at-fault driver.

If you are eager to assist the police in locating the at-fault driver to ensure you receive justice, you should document everything you remember about the other driver and their vehicle. This includes noting the other car’s license plate number, a description of the other vehicle, and even the direction they were headed when they drove off. Additionally, you should remember a description of the other driver, such as their sex, race, hair color, height, and other distinguishing attributes. Compiling information will help the authorities identify and locate the responsible driver.

Furthermore, you should retain the legal services of a seasoned Westchester County car accident attorney from the legal team at Hausman & Pendzick, who can help you investigate the circumstances of the crash. This includes reviewing security footage and interviewing witnesses to help identify the at-fault driver. Our firm is prepared to fight on your behalf to help you hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence.