car accident claim

When you get hurt in a car crash, it may be tempting to settle that car accident claim as quickly as possible. We do not recommend this though. Many people who settle early end up regretting it. You should at least let our Westchester County auto accident attorneys take a closer look at your case and your car accident claim.

What Could Happen If I Settle a Car Accident Claim Too Quickly?

Settling a car accident claim right away can be risky for a few reasons. You should think carefully before doing so because:

You may not realize the full cost of the accident yet: Even if it seems like your injuries are minor, it can be hard to know exactly how much a car accident will cost you right away. You could have expensive medical bills and a need for continued care. You could also miss a lot of work and end up needing compensation for lost wages.

Insurers are not on your side: Insurance companies have one goal when it comes to a car accident claim. They want to settle for as little money as possible. If that’s not enough to cover your needs, too bad.

You probably don’t have a lawyer yet: Most people do not retain a lawyer right away. It can be hard for most people to figure out if a settlement is fair. A lawyer can help you evaluate a compensation offer and let you know whether or not it could adequately reimburse you.

Why Do Some People Settle Claims Quickly?

Sometimes it can be appealing to simply get this process over with. If you are injured and the settlement from the insurance company seems like a lot of money, it can be tempting to take it and move on with your life. You should not rush through this process though. You need to have a full understanding of your injuries and how they will affect you going forward before you should even be thinking about settling.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Damages?

If you decide not to settle your car accident claim, you can sue for damages. The compensation from a personal injury case can help make up for lost wages, medical bills, and even the psychological trauma you have experienced as a result of going through this accident.

You do not have unlimited time to sue though. New York gives accident victims three years to take legal action. This can seem like a long time, but we recommend hiring an attorney who can start the process for you while you recover. You do not want to miss your chance to sue for compensation.

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Car Accident Claim

So if you are considering the settlement of a car accident claim, don’t act too rashly. Contact Hausman & Pendzick today and schedule a consultation with our team. We would love to tell you more about how we can assist you.