There are many potential causes for car accidents, but crashes involving big rigs can often be attributed to poor truck maintenance. These vehicles can cause a lot of damage, which means that keeping them in top shape should be a priority. When someone neglects their duties and puts a dangerous truck on the road, people can get hurt. If you or a loved one were injured in a crash, our Westchester County truck accident attorneys may be able to help you sue for compensation.

What Kind of Poor Truck Maintenance Can Lead to Accidents?

A large truck has many important parts that need to be well-maintained and cared for. Poor truck maintenance can result in issues like:

Tire blowouts: Tires that aren’t cared for or properly inflated can fly off and hit cars or even pedestrians, doing a lot of damage. A driver can also lose control after a blowout.

Unresponsive brakes: All parts of the truck’s braking system, from brake pads to the compressed air system, must be properly cared for or the vehicle might not be able to stop or slow down when needed.

Cracked windshield or mirrors: Visibility issues can be dangerous in any vehicle, but they are especially hazardous for trucks.

Broken lights: Turn signals that do not work or brake lights that do not function properly fail to tell other drivers what a truck is doing. That can cause collisions.

Who is Responsible When Poor Truck Maintenance Causes a Crash?

For the most part, it is the trucking company’s responsibility to keep their trucks in good shape. If the company sends trucks on these long trips without properly addressing safety concerns, they need to be held responsible when one of their vehicles causes a crash.

Drivers also have some responsibility here. They are supposed to examine the truck and their cargo for issues each day. Then they must submit their reports to their company. If they do not inspect their vehicles, drivers should be held liable when safety issues cause a crash. If the company ignores reports from their drivers, then it should be held accountable.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue For Damages?

A case like this can have multiple defendants, and that can complicate matters. That is why we recommend hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer from our firm can help gather the evidence needed to hold all liable parties accountable for the harm that they have caused. Whether the driver failed to inspect their truck or the trucking company engaged in negligent hiring practices with their mechanics, we will build a convincing case that shows why you deserve compensation.

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