A person wearing white and black sneakers stands on a textured pavement, partially covered by white painted lines. The ground is a mix of gravel and rough concrete, with shadows adding depth to the scene. The person is dressed in dark jeans.

Most auto accidents involve two vehicles, however, there are times where pedestrians are struck by moving vehicles. These accidents are particularly damaging, for obvious reasons. If you are someone who has recently been injured in a pedestrian accident, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation to heal. Our firm is here to help. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable New York State personal injury attorneys to learn more about pedestrian accidents and how we can help if you have been injured in one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do most pedestrian accidents happen?

Pedestrian accidents can occur for many different reasons, including poor road or weather conditions that cause motorists to go sliding off the road and into pedestrians. They also sometimes occur when overgrown vegetation or poorly-lit roads prevent motorists from seeing pedestrians crossing the street. However, in most cases, pedestrian accidents occur because of driver negligence. Oftentimes, pedestrians are struck by cars when motorists text while driving, drive while under the influence, speed, or otherwise violate the rules and regulations of the road.

Can I sue a driver if I am struck as a pedestrian?

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, there is a very good chance that you will have a valid personal injury claim against the driver who struck you. Our experienced Westchester County personal injury attorneys can work to obtain all the evidence necessary to prove your personal injury claim, including pictures of the accident, surveillance footage of the accident as it occurred, police reports, medical documentation regarding your injuries, witness statements, and more. As long as we can satisfy the burden of proof, you should receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

How long will I have to sue someone for an injury in New York State?

After sustaining injuries in an accident, you are responsible for filing your personal injury claim within the state’s statute of limitations, which is, generally, three years. This means that you will have three years from the date of the accident to sue the liable party for your injuries. The sooner you file, the better, and if you wait past the three-year mark, there is a very good chance that you will be permanently time-barred from suing. Our firm is ready to help you today.


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