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Social media after a personal injury accident is an especially precarious situation. As soon as you file a personal injury claim, insurance companies and defense attorneys may begin to monitor your social media. Even if your account is on private, you will still be subject to the scrutiny of the defense. Read this blog for more information regarding the dos and dont’s of posting on social media after an accident.

What Could Go Wrong?

It makes sense to want to discuss an injury on social media, but you should refrain for a variety of reasons. You might:

  1. Accidentally admit fault
    1. You need to be careful when discussing your injury at all. Even the slightest mistake in word choice can impact your case. You should not discuss your accident or injury on social media because the defense may utilize it to argue in their favor.
  2. Downplay the severity of your injury
    1. You may accidentally convince the defense that you have not been severely injured, or that you are lying about being injured. For example, imagine how it would look if you claim to be experiencing severe knee pain as a result of your accident and then you make a post about how great it was to go on a hike and get some fresh air.
  3. Downplay the severity of the emotional impact
    1. An injury can have a severe emotional impact, which often deserves compensation. If you use social media to reassure your loved ones that you are doing well, you will also be giving this information to the defense.
  4. Lose confidentiality
    1. The topics you and your attorney discuss are kept confidential, so by posting on social media, you run the risk of exposing sensitive information to the defense.

What Should I Do?

You should set your accounts to private. But, do not fall under the impression that this will protect your information. A defense attorney can still get access to your content. Additionally, make sure that you do not accept any new followers during this time, seeing as it may be an insurance agent attempting to gain access to your information. Ideally, you will refrain from posting on social media at all until your case has been resolved, but if you do continue posting, do not post any information regarding the accident, your injuries, or your recovery. Make sure to warn your friends and family not to post you either.


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